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Wednesday, Jul 30th, 2008 ↓

Graph Paper Theme (Remixed) →

Download the attatchment “Publish.rtf” - Copy into “Custom HTML” in “Customize”

The original theme was created by Heather and released on 14 April 2008 under Creative Commons. Basically, share derivative work, don’t make money off it, and give credit. Otherwise, you’re free to use and modify it however you want! Unported, so use it anywhere.

Remixed by Pratyush. In case of any problems or feedback, contact at: pratyush [at] fully-faltoo.com

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Chicken Soup for life.
Fray: The Quarterly of True Stories
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How To Make and Play with Fire Balls - Video


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Customer: You Greek?
Waitress: Greek Orthodox.
Customer: So you're Greek.
Waitress: No, that's my religion, they call it Greek Orthodox.
Customer: But you're from Greece, right?
Waitress: No, Belarus.
Customer: Russia?
Waitress: Belarus. It's the former USSR. It's between Russia and Poland.
Customer: I never heard of it. It must be very small.
Waitress: It's not small.
Customer: It must be very small.
Waitress: It's the size of France. France is quite big, actually.
Customer: I better look at a map.
Waitress: Yeah, you'd better.
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“I always like to walk in the rain so that no one can see me crying.”

—Charlie Chaplin (via fully-faltoo)


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in dreams (via the twinkling of an eye)


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